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Roly Poly Chef
Fresh baked bread without preservatives daily


Fresh made pastry daily. Huge varity. Order custom cakes


Huge variety of cooked, baked and smoked meat and sausages

Meat Deli

Great amount of different cheese

Cheese Deli

Huge selection possibilities. Soups, salads, pork, chicken, beef and fish. Polish specialties

Hot Food Deli

Smoked meat and sausage specialties

Specialty Meat Deli

Mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, vacuum packed salami, cheese, hot dogs,

Condiments, Sausages

Bottled water with and without gas, soda, fruit juices


Great selection of different jams


Fresh vegetables from local vendors

Vegetables & Fruits

Vinegar, oil, Maggi seasoning, instant soups, instant dumplings, ready meal spice mixtures, Knorr, Winiary

Winiary, Knorr & Co.

over-the-counter medicine, cough syrup, pain relief, vitamins, minerals


Milk, eggs, sour cream, whipped cream, farmer's cheese,


Deodorants, laundry detergent, shampoo, hair spray,

Home Goods

Huge variety of Polish beer


Typical Polish specialty

Frozen Pierogis & Dumplings

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Unique Approach 

From savory to sweet, Roly Poly Bakery has you covered. Our extensive selection includes pastries and bakery products, meats and cheeses, hot foods, dairy and vegetables. Our products are always made with quality ingredients and impeccable attention to detail to guarantee you the best culinary experience. Browse our menu and see what we have in store for you today.

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